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Next educational and personal growth from youth to adulthood. Online or offline. Learn anything within your community or virtually globally. Connect with your local academies or businesses and build a network to support your lifestyle needs. Fulfill your living purpose and bring your life to where your curiosity takes you.

Body Grapher

A de-centralised repository of your health records from birth. Data used to find the most personalised treatments, vaccines, cures in case of diseases or cancers. Predictable genetic or inheritance cures with the latest biotechnologies.

Web and Mobile Application

Our team can help you to create your company websites or mobile applications (cross platform) for your online presence to support your businesses. Reach out to us for more details and quotation.

Vokalife and Body Grapher are our core products in development, we will keep you posted on the progress of these projects. If you like to get involved, please get in touch with us.


We also help small and mid-size businesses to create an online presence by creating web and mobile applications for your store or information sharing with your customers. Reach out to us to see how we can help. Check out our client portfolios below.