Tokens for Life

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Knowledge and Skills

Educational and personal growth from youth to adulthood. Online or offline. Learn anything within your community or virtually globally (metaverse enabled). Connect with preferred experts, academies, schools, businesses and build a network to support your learning needs. Fulfill your living purpose and bring your life to where your curiosity takes you.


Match your knowledge and skills with your dream career. Earn real world work experiences and obtain credentials for more opportunities globally by partnering with small to big enterprises. You do not need a university degree or an MBA to get a great job or start your own business, you just need to know how to learn, solve problems, add value and connect with people and the dots. No more student loans.


A de-centralised repository of your health records from birth. Data used to find the most personalised treatments, vaccines, cures in case of diseases or cancers. Predictable genetic or inheritance cures with AI in data analytics.


Obtain real life experiences with actions. Try before you commit by connecting with our service providers to explore the feeling of working in the field of your interests. Your hobbies could turn into an entrepreneurial journey that changes your lives.


Learn hard, work hard, play harder. Let loose, engage with your communities and participate in sports or fun activities. Our connected experts can support you wherever you are.

Native Coins

The more you grow by learning, upskilling and looking after your health, the more credits you will earn. Our native coins will be issued to you with $ value for you to accumulate and can be used to supplement your spends on the network.

Vision and Mission


Eclipxi helps people to learn knowledge and experiences unconventionally, develop skills to solve tomorrow’s problems while staying healthy and having fun at the same time!” – No age or location limits allowed.